Licata Biagio represents the result of the great skills of a persevering researcher, Biagio Licata, and a sensitive artist, Silvia Distefano, who, playing with the powder of the limestone, nowadays create jewels and several shapes which recall to our mind the typical Sicilian lace and the ancient images of Italian history. 

Production. We create artistic pieces reproducing shapes and motives of lace, incisions, brocade, directly on the stone face. Thanks to our exclusive processing systems we obtain a very accurate copy of the lace motive, which remains perfectly integral and clean. We do not use the traditional silicon rubbers, therefore we guarantee the integrity of the original pieces and the best result of the artistic creation. 

We are also able, thanks to another processing system, to create several objects with architectural details of Roman travertine, lavastone and limestone. We can create a single piece or a large produce as well. We are able to reproduce, if requested, the typical bubbles inside the lavastone and the travertine.

Licata Biagio is constantly researching new technical procedures, in order to confirm and increase the success of the company in Italy and worldwide 


  • Allinea editrice- Marble, stones, mosaic 

  • Il quadratino editore. Artistic handcraft with holy subjects 

You can find Expocom at: 

  • Book-shops in 

  • Ortigia’s Ancient Market. Syracuse 

  • Municipal Museum of Castelvetrano. Trapani 

  • Museum of Ceramics. Messina 

  • Archaeological Museum Vito Capialbi. Vibo Valentia 

  • National Museum. Crotone 

  • National Museum of Sybaris. Cassano allo Ionio 

  • Municipal Archaeological Museum. Ischia 

  • Museum of the Sea. Ischia 

  • Regional Archaeological Museum. Agrigento 

  • National Archaeological Museum. Reggio Calabria 

  • Versailles Royal Palace. France 

  • Fiumicino International Airport 

  • United Arab Emirates Embassy. Rome 

  • Venice Biennal Exhibition Book-shops 


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Licata Biagio
Zona Industriale, S.N. - Chiaramonte Gulfi (RG)
Telefono: 0932.922373
Email: info@licatabiagio.it
P. IVA: 01434970883

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